What’s the true value of keeping a customer?
When’s the best time to call your clients?
How often do you hear ‘Thanks for calling’?
Want help with more client referrals?
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Keeping Clients has the answers

If you’re ready to talk to someone who speaks your language –as in putting high value on your customer base and wanting to make the most of it – you’ve come to the right place.

Keeping Clients

Tracey Dean and her Keeping Clients team of customer care consultants have been working for brokers and advisors across Australia since 2014 with one goal: Have meaningful conversations with their clients at important financial touchpoints to ensure ongoing business and referrals from that client base.

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Keeping<br />Clients
Keeping Clients takes the hard work out of keeping clients
Customer<br />Retention
Our customer retention rate speaks for itself
Top Ten<br />Tips
Top Ten reasons to outsource customer contact
Meet<br />Tracey
Meet Tracey Dean, Director of Keeping Clients

See what our Customers are saying

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“Keeping Clients are nothing short of amazing.  I can only describe it as having a super-team.  As a result of the calls new leads were generated, client engagement with current e-marketing has increased and I have happier clients. For every dollar I spent I have settled $4 in return.” 

Johnathan Reeves
Cliff & Moss Finance Brokers, Dalby QLD
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"Ringing your database is an important task you know you should do but just never gets prioritised. Handing this over to Tracey was one of the best and easiest things we’ve done. We started to see results straightaway. She knows and works Discovery & Dynamics so is up and running quickly"

Suzanne Taylor
Mortgage Choice NSW, Newtown Area
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"Since engaging Tracey and the team at Keeping Clients, our return on investment has been six times what we invest in their services. This is measured by new business only from existing clients, let alone the clients that Keeping Clients are able help to retain. Client feedback to us is simply appreciation for the pro-activeness of the contact and the warm way contact is made. I highly recommend the service"

Paul Williams
Mortgage Choice South Melbourne
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"We have been using Keeping Clients now for over two years and have nothing but praise for the team. They have been extremely proactive with providing us ideas to continually grow and enhance the relationship that purely focuses on MY clients. We have a big data base after almost two decades of operation and whilst we always had great communication with our clients, Keeping Clients have enabled us to streamline this. I have also found that with Keeping Clients on board we have a better conversion to new business purely based around their very structured phone calls that are designed to get outcomes. We are very happy and would highly recommend Keeping Clients to any mortgage broker regardless of how big your data base is."

Peita Davies
MoneyQuest Penrith and Blue Mountains
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We make meaningful client contact

100 active business clients
calls made
leads generated
$4240m in potential settlements*
$560m potential repeat business commissions*

*2020 data (based average loan size of $400K and industry average upfront comm. of 0.65%)

We like this Blog on HubSpot with good explanations and examples to summarise key components of how Customer Experience works in your business. While a lot of the article goes into suggestions for improving the digital experience of a customer, it first covers a lot of the basics like a good Mapping Template. Here’s a preview:

“The way you think about customer experience has probably had a profound impact on how you look at your business as a whole. This is just one reason why creating and obsessing over a great customer experience is so important. (Or, if your current customer experience isn't up to standard, how to improve it and where to start.)"

Thank you, HubSpot, for permission to include your article on our Toolbox!

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