Why Keeping Clients Works

Our customer retention success speaks for itself

The majority of our clients report more than 3 times their ROI* from their Keeping Clients engagement. We also back our services with detailed reporting that many brokers and advisors have called ‘priceless.’ That’s what we call meaningful contact.
*(in upfront commissions from repeat business directly generated)

We work to your wish list and your timeline

It’s easy to work with us at Keeping Clients. Our first meeting, at no cost or obligation (either in person, on the phone or on screen), reviews your requirements and expectations. We will work out a bespoke agreement and show you what you can potentially achieve.

After working out a tailored, individual approach, specific to your business, most businesses start with a four-hour call session. We can adjust the process to suit your requirements as we go. With as little as a minimum investment of $320, you’re ready to get started.

Our approach to customer care starts with looking after your needs. You won’t be hassled with random calls or minor questions. With our financial background and customer service sensibilities, we are well-versed (and well-trusted) to manage our business with amazing insight.

Outsourced Customer Service with specific goals

When you think of customer contact outsourcing, you may have certain notions. Let’s be clear: we are NOT a Call Centre. We are NOT Telemarketers. We are entirely, exclusively focused on talking to people who already know you and are likely glad to hear from you.

"Our calls are targeted and carefully tailored to represent your business."

If you think customer contact is superficial, meaningless or ‘One Size Fits All,’ you’ll change your mind once you see how Keeping Clients works.

This is the era of the connected customer. Expectations are high. Your business needs to deliver excellence, cultivate loyalty and drive value.

Keeping Clients talks to your clients as regularly as necessary or with specific announcements to ensure you keep your client connections valuable. And by that we mean ‘make that more profitable.’

Flexibility & support for customer service

Our Australian team of trained business retention specialists is savvy in financial-speak without the mumbo-jumbo. We make every call friendly and helpful with an emphasis on being polite (not pushy) and well-informed (not intrusive). We represent ourselves as part of your business with professional care and courtesy.

When you agree Keeping Clients can work for you --whether for a trial or extended task -- we will outline exactly what we provide in a Service Agreement and follow up with regular reporting. We can be as flexible as you like with complete transparency in delivery.

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“Keeping Clients are nothing short of amazing.  I can only describe it as having a super-team.  As a result of the calls new leads were generated, client engagement with current e-marketing has increased and I have happier clients. For every dollar I spent I have settled $4 in return.” 

Johnathan Reeves
Cliff & Moss Finance Brokers, Dalby QLD
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"Ringing your database is an important task you know you should do but just never gets prioritised. Handing this over to Tracey was one of the best and easiest things we’ve done. We started to see results straightaway. She knows and works Discovery & Dynamics so is up and running quickly"

Suzanne Taylor
Mortgage Choice NSW, Newtown Area
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"Since engaging Tracey and the team at Keeping Clients, our return on investment has been six times what we invest in their services. This is measured by new business only from existing clients, let alone the clients that Keeping Clients are able help to retain. Client feedback to us is simply appreciation for the pro-activeness of the contact and the warm way contact is made. I highly recommend the service"

Paul Williams
Mortgage Choice South Melbourne
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"We have been using Keeping Clients now for over two years and have nothing but praise for the team. They have been extremely proactive with providing us ideas to continually grow and enhance the relationship that purely focuses on MY clients. We have a big data base after almost two decades of operation and whilst we always had great communication with our clients, Keeping Clients have enabled us to streamline this. I have also found that with Keeping Clients on board we have a better conversion to new business purely based around their very structured phone calls that are designed to get outcomes. We are very happy and would highly recommend Keeping Clients to any mortgage broker regardless of how big your data base is."

Peita Davies
MoneyQuest Penrith and Blue Mountains
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