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We are making it our mission in 2021 to help more business understand the value of Customer Experience, Contact Strategy and the value of Customer Satisfaction.

This is why we plan to research, write, share or purchase relevant resources to help you learn how to ask the most important questions.
If you would like to see a specific report on Customer Service or Retention, let us know! Share your suggestions and we will follow up promptly when you DROP US A NOTE

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Keeping Clients caters to a variety of business situations where customer contact really makes a difference. Here are examples of our growing list of special ways we can truly make calls that count.

Thursday, 04 March

The Australian Services Excellence Awards (ASEAs) are Australia’s premier customer service awards program, attracting hundreds of nominations each year and culminating with attendees coming together each year at the ASEAs Gala Dinner to recognise best practice, performance and innovation in customer service, highlighting their importance in today’s business climate.

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Wednesday, 03 March

We are in the process of researching many authoritative thought leaders on this topic. Look for our news on this coming soon.

Tuesday, 02 March

We like this Blog on HubSpot with good explanations and examples to summarise key components of how Customer Experience works in your business. While a lot of the article goes into suggestions for improving the digital experience of a customer, it first covers a lot of the basics like a good Mapping Template. Here’s a preview:

“The way you think about customer experience has probably had a profound impact on how you look at your business as a whole. This is just one reason why creating and obsessing over a great customer experience is so important. (Or, if your current customer experience isn't up to standard, how to improve it and where to start.)"

Thank you, HubSpot, for permission to include your article on our Toolbox!

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