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Customer Contact Channels: Flair or Flail?

Reaching out to customers to check in on them, flag opportunities and remind them you’re available is at the heart of Customer Service. It’s about being proactive, more than just being there when they try to reach you. Because if they’re trying to reach you, you may already be flailing or failing them.

Flailing? Say you’re on a balance beam, sliding along when suddenly you teeter and –arms circling, swinging, waving wildly, you catch yourself –that’s flailing. Worth it? Sure. But the trick is to stay in balance to avoid all that exertion and keep moving forward.

Same with customer connections. If you’re not connected, you’re not moving forward.

What’s the trick? Regular outreach, staying connected, keeping in contact. Obviously most businesses use this already, but how effective are they? What’s the net worth of each email, social post, online chat, SMS or phone call? First ask yourself…

Which Customer Contact Channels work best for you?
Whatever form of customer contact you use, you also need to be doing analytics or some form of evaluation. Learning from each campaign or contact effort is just as important as making contact. Especially if you’ve ‘given up’ on some types of outreach as just too hard or too soft or depend entirely on emails to stay in touch with clients.

Let’s look at Pro’s and Con’s of some of the most popular contact channels.

To your own customer database

    •    Easy to dispatch
    •    No external expense
    •    Video or image delivery
    •    Urgent call to action
    •    Often ignored
    •    Impersonal
    •    Potential for SPAM
    •    Content crafting needs care

Regular posts on popular social sites

    •    Easy to create
    •    No external expense
    •    Video or image delivery
    •    Company/brand exposure
    •    Posts can get lost/overlooked
    •    Lacks personal connection
    •    Passive messaging
    •    Potential for negative reply

As a Live Chat or Chatbot on your website

    •    Instant access for client
    •    Potentially fast answer
    •    Alternative if unanswered
    •    Potential for follow-up
    •    Unanswered query
    •    Unhelpful answer
    •    Unhelpful agent/bot
    •    Risk of alienation

To your customer database with a short message or question

    •    Often read immediately
    •    Direct to customer
    •    Fast dispatch
    •    Single or group send
    •    Short messages only
    •    No photos or videos
    •    Seen as intrusive
    •    Software investment

You or your business staff calling your client base

    •    Personal detailed dialogue
    •    Client questions/concerns heard
    •    “They care” client reaction
    •    Repeat business generator
    •    Good proven ROI
    •    Often time-consuming
    •    Relegated as ‘too hard’ effort
    •    Takes experience/practice
    •    Needs specific script/proposition

In our experience at Keeping Clients, phone calls coupled with SMS works wonders. The reception we get (representing ourselves as part of your business) is welcoming and appreciative. We are able to share valuable news or ask specific questions with an outstanding success track record. In fact, our 2020 data indicates our brokers make, on average, 14 times return on investment in our service in upfront commission only.

Let us help you plan your regular client outreach –especially with the ease and convenience of a Keeping Clients campaign. We can segment and streamline your database and turn an outreach program into meaningful results. And remember: when your customers hear from you, they feel valued and will often open new doors to business or referrals.

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